Jesse Powell: How Kraken Accelerates Cryptocurrency Adoption Bitcoin 2020

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As the cryptocurrency space has grown, exchanges have become the dominant juggernauts of the industry. One of the earliest and most reputable exchanges is Kraken. From the company’s formation in 2011, Kraken has grown to 4m users and almost 1,000 employees.
We are joined by Kraken Founder and CEO Jesse Powell. We dove into the history of Kraken, their values and the vision that’s driving them.

Topics discussed in this episode:
– How selling virtual goods for games led Jesse to discover Bitcoin
– Why cryptocurrencies will lead to a better financial system
– How Kraken launched and ended up getting strong traction in Europe
– The challenges and changes of the regulatory environment
– His thoughts on DeFi and decentralized exchanges
– Kraken’s approach to listing assets on the exchange
– How to create a strong culture in a distributed company
– His vision for Kraken to become a general trading and investment platform

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