Jordan Belfort: “Crypto Fortunes Will Be Made”

Crypto fortunes will be made says Jordan Belfort also known as the Wolf of Wall Street. With a net worth of around $100M, he clearly knows a thing or two about making money.

Now back in 2017 Jordan was vocally against Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He thought it was no different to penny stocks which also promised quick returns without anything substantial behind them. However, recently Jordan gave a presentation called โ€œFrom Bearish to Bullishโ€ as he is yet another finance expert that has since done a U-turn on the crypto market.

In this video we will be looking at:
0:00 – Intro
1:31 – From Bearish to Bullish
4:49 – The BIG Money Is Coming
8:55 – Advice to Investors
10:43 – Summary

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