Ledger Receives 100 Million Euro Investment – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

Ledger Receives 100 Million Euro Investment – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

hardware wallet manufacturer ledger, Series Cin the investment round 100 million eurosby investing, 1.3 billion eurosreached a valuation. Popular in digital asset security ledger, Series Cwithin the scope of investment tour 100 million euros announced that it has received a new investment. With this investment round, ledgervaluation of 1.3 billionreached the euro. ledgerCEO Pascal Gauthier, after the announcement of the process He talked about company goals. Ledger Has a Valuation of 1.3 Billion Euros hardware wallet manufacturer ledgerfrom an investment tour he participated in 100 million eurosvaluation by receiving a support increased to 1.3 billion euros. Ledger’ This investment will be used actively in the work and progress of the company in the sector. giving his opinion on the subject ledgerCEO Pascal Gauthier, stated the following; Gauthier , underlined that this investment will accelerate their efforts to offer secure devices to users. Referring to the crypto crash of 2022, Gauthier noted that his company has demonstrated strong flexibility and increased cohesion in its hardware and services divisions. Gauthier believes it will reshape the way billions of people manage their assets in the future. Moreover ledger CEO‘su stated that a new generation of hardware will be needed in this asset management. Gauthier, ledgerHe stated that ‘s will continue to improve its hardware devices and will make upgrading the software experience a priority.

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