Luno Malaysia Expands Cryptocurrency Offering – Adds LINK And UNI To Its Investment Portfolio

Luno Malaysia Expands Cryptocurrency Offering – Adds LINK And UNI To Its Investment Portfolio

Luno, the leading regulated digital asset exchange in Malaysia, today announced it is the first Securities Commission-approved digital asset exchange in Malaysia to offer Chainlink ( LINK ) and Uniswap ( UNI ) for trading on its platform. From today, users can buy, sell and store LINK and UNI on the Luno app and website, alongside its existing cryptocurrency offering.
With continuing interest in the wider applications of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in everything from trying to improve insurance payouts to enabling more immersive gaming experiences, Luno wants to ensure its Malaysian customers have access to these wider investment opportunities.
Aaron Tang, Country Manager of Luno Malaysia shared: “While it’s important to note that these newer crypto applications are still in their early stages, at Luno, we believe it is important that we give investors access to them while offering the careful guidance and rigorous security that we are known and trusted for. That’s why over the coming months, you’ll be able to explore and invest in these newer cryptocurrencies safely and securely with Luno.”
While LINK and UNI meet Luno standards for safety, being listed on Luno is not an endorsement of its future potential as an investment. Luno assesses prospective assets based on security, compliance, and utility but will always suggest that users looking to invest in crypto should do their research and exercise good judgement before investing.
“Support for any cryptocurrency requires careful technical and compliance review and is subject to regulatory approval by the Securities Commission of Malaysia. Our priority remains to ensure the same simple and secure experience that has enabled it to successfully support investors worldwide as they get started with cryptocurrency”, Aaron added.
As part of the launch of the new coins, investors will be able to enjoy 50% off Instant Buy and Sell and reduced Luno Exchange fees for both Chainlink and Uniswap from now till 20 July 2022. For more details on the promotion, please refer to Luno’s fees and features page.
About Chainlink: Chainlink helps get real-world data to Ethereum and other cryptocurrency networks, connecting them with everyday events to make them more usable. As a decentralised network, Chainlink provides a link between real-world data and smart contracts on the blockchain. A smart contract can gain access to real-world data by connecting to Chainlink in exchange for LINK, the native token. Chainlink has already established partnerships with a number of major companies, including Google Cloud.
About Uniswap: Uniswap is the leading decentralised cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users with an Ethereum wallet to swap tokens directly. Its native token, UNI, was originally created to reward investors for participating in the Uniswap exchange. At the same time, UNI is a governance token, which allows its holders to vote on key protocol changes and proposed updates on Uniswap.
Investing in cryptocurrency is high risk and may result in the loss of capital as the value can fluctuate. We recommend individuals to consult with a licensed financial planner for detailed financial advice on whether cryptocurrency is a good investment option.
* Read more on Luno’s Terms of Use at and key risks associated with cryptocurrencies at .

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