HONG KONG , April 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As NFT trading gains popularity at a massive pace all around the globe, it might be easy to forget that in order to maximize potential in this field, one should have a wide understanding of it. That doesn’t mean that only professionals can trade NFTs. On the contrary. However, traders should have more and better tools for analyzing this unique market. For this reason, MetabaseNFT has recently launched new charts and graphs for users’ benefit on their accounts in the brand’s platform. “Our customers deserve the most optimal conditions for exploring the fascinating world of NFTs. Since this is one of our top values as a company, we came to the conclusion that allowing more helpful tools and charts is an absolute necessity,” said Adam Lawson , spokesperson for MetabaseNFT . “For example, we added charts displaying weekly sales, leading NFT artists, and daily amount of transactions. These and other helpful tools have the potential to grant our valued customers a distinct advantage over those who trade NFTs using other online marketplaces.”
More assets, more variables
Thanks to the broadening of the NFT world and the sharp rise in the number of offered assets, this type of trading naturally holds more and more opportunities waiting to be seized. However, one must not forget that more assets, artists, and trades necessarily mean more variables that need to be taken into consideration.
“Trading in the expanding NFT marketplace now requires a broad understanding more than ever,” Lawson inferred. “Wisely exploring the wide fields of NFTs cannot be done with traditional means anymore. A changing market demands ever-improving tools for maximizing its potential. Building this kind of informational accessories is far from easy. That’s why one should trust only those who are proficient in navigating the NFT world.”
About MetabaseNFT
MetabaseNFT is an online NFT marketplace that puts an emphasis on variety and user experience. Thanks to its popularity among NFT creators and traders, it constitutes a world-class magnitude interchange for NFT trading. The fast and user-friendly interface allows a quick and seamless experience of exploration. MetabaseNFT puts its users’ privacy at the top of its priorities by implementing top security systems into its interface, for the benefit of both artists and traders. For more information, users are invited to visit .

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