SINGAPORE , May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — QTUM, an open-source public blockchain platform, will be partnering with global digital asset investment platform Bit.Store. As per the partnership, Qtum will access the payment ecosystem of Bit.Store, while Bit.Store will incorporate the QTUM token into the platform system.
Bit.Store has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users and is popular in the Southeast Asian market. The partnership will give Qtum access to this active user base. Conversely, being one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world, Qtum will bring in more users to Bit.Store.
From a payment perspective, Bit.Store currently has legal currency payment channels in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. User groups of these payment channel providers are also potential Bit.Store users. The partnership will allow Qtum to open up the exchange channel between fiat currency and QTUM.
Bit.Store users will be able to buy Qtum’s $QTUM coin using the FIAT currency of their choice and paying conveniently with VISA or MASTERCARD. And from there trading is as easy as one click.
Bit.Store believes that as the cooperation between the two parties deepen,, its user community will be further strengthened.
About Qtum
Qtum is a decentralized, open-source, public blockchain platfom that launched its mainnet in 2017. The platform is a community project that connects Bitcoin and Ethereum communities, the blockchain ecosystem, and the real world. Its currency is based on the UTXO model and makes use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine. By combining Bitcoin’s original UTXO model with Ethereum’s game-changing EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), Qtum has created a blockchain that’s the most organic and obvious evolution of the original Bitcoin blockchain.
Bit.Store is the world’s first Web3 investment platform that integrates fiat-crypto exchange channel , SocialFi features and expert investment strategies.The platform gives its users access to global digital currency markets quickly and easily by supporting different money transfer methods via cooperations with a wide network of regional payment providers. The app provides a variety of features, including social trading, following, and copy trading strategies published by seasoned experts in the space, and allows experts to monetize their contribution to the platform. Bit.Store has been growing at a fast pace since its market introduction and achieved the milestone of 500K active users across Europe and Southeast Asia in Dec 2021 . The rapid expansion into markets worldwide and growth of the Bit.Store community is continuing in 2022.
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