Millionaire Misses: Interesting Cryptocurrency Payments – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

Millionaire Misses: Interesting Cryptocurrency Payments – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

The person who bought a pizza with 10 thousand BTC, 500 BTC sent to a picture, and many actors missed out on great opportunities. Many events have created the agenda in the history of cryptocurrencies. Some of these events are interesting trades. Actions such as paying 10 thousand BTC for two pizzas, giving 500 BTC for only one image, selling all DOGE’s in the hands of the DOGE creator and buying a car have been talked about for years. So how did these events happen? 10,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Paid for 2 Pizzas! The origin story of Bitcoin Pizza Day, by Laszlo Hanyecz May 18, 2010On Bitcointalk, the popular Bitcoin form at the time, “ Pizza for bitcoins ?” It happened when he opened a topic in the title. Laszlo , together with the topic it opened, actually signed an event that will be talked about for years. Pizza lover, who made an unforgettable BTC payment, said; A forum user commented on Laszlo’s thread “ I would like to order from Dominos if I know how to pay from Europe “He made his comeback. Replying to this user, Laszlo said, “ Many places accept online orders. Me and my wife use Papa John’s sometimes. They all accept payment by credit card ” Although he replied, this conversation did not continue. Laszlo, who could not get another serious offer, Will anyone buy me pizza? Did you find the amount of BTC I offered too little? ?” when he asked, a forum user told Laszlo, “ Are you hungry or do you just like pizza? ?” asked. Laszlo’s I think it would be interesting to tell people that I bought pizza by paying with Bitcoin.His answer states that he wants to carry out such a trade just to be able to say that he bought a pizza with Bitcoin. Thus on bitcointalka programmer using the name Jercos Jeremy Sturdivant , reaches Laszlo and 2 pizzas paid with Bitcoin are exchanged. After the shopping was done as desired, Laszlo, who updated his topic on Bitcointalk, said, “ Just wanted to let you know, I successfully traded 10k BTC for pizza”, thus revealing a crypto money story that will continue to be talked about for years. 500 Bitcoin for an Image File! The initial payment process with Bitcoin is known as pizza. In fact, the first purchase using Bitcoin was in 2010, when 500 Bitcoins were paid for a desktop wallpaper. Bitcoin, which was equivalent to $ 1 at that time, is currently traded at $ 26,770. Sabunir, who wants to test Bitcoin transactions, said in a forum; Moreover, bitcoin It is stated that Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of , also joined the chat to facilitate trade. Sabunir wanted to trade this JPEG for 500 Bitcoins. A forum user named SmokeTooMuch stated that Sabunir is not interested in spending money on wallpaper. However, on February 24, 2010 Two entries to Sabunir’s wallet, one 100 BTC and the other 500 BTC, draw attention. . Probably BTCThe first trade using it was the sale of an image file on February 24. Confession from Dogecoin Creator: ‘I Sold All DOGE’ and Bought a Car!’ Cryptocurrency that he developed in 2013 “for fun” of DogecoinSpeaking about the skyrocketing value, software developer Billy Markus said, “ All my DOGEsSold and bought a used Honda Civic in 2015 ” said. Billy Markus, one of the creators of Dogecoin, spoke. Software engineer Markus, who developed Dogecoin “for fun” with Jackson Palmer in 2013, stated that, contrary to expectations, he currently has no Dogecoin. Also, after being fired from his job in 2015, Markus selling all Dogecoins he ownsannounced that he bought a second-hand Honda Civic. Markus, who recently attended one of DOGE’s forums on Reddit, said: No longer affiliated with Dogecoinand warned investors to be careful, stating that it is not possible for people to limit the supply of Dogecoin to become rich. 38-year-old Markus, who is currently working as a software engineer in an education company in San Francisco, USA, spoke by stating his views on the incident. Stating that the rise in DOGE has nothing to do with him and that he missed the opportunity to become rich because he sold the DOGEs he had, Markus put an end to the discourses on this subject. Another interesting comment by Markus is, “ It’s weird that something I did in a few hours is now part of the culture. It’s funny that Elon Musk talks about Dogecoin, it feels silly ” he had said. Stating that the rise in DOGE also created a question mark for him, Markus stated that the support tweets of Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, for DOGE did not make sense to him.

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