New Reasons to Look at Bitcoin!

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0:00 The Story
1:34 This is a story of Govts – Regs, Govt P&L, Deficits, QE Taxes and more…. And all roads lead to an end conclusion re BTC
2:17 This Tweet Kept Me Awake All Night! So where can we invest?
3:46 US Budget 2022
5:48 US Revenue Sources
US Govt Revenue Tied to Payroll?
6:30 How US Spent 6.5 Trillion
7:00 Bloomberg: 459BN Deficit last 16 Weeks
8:20 31.4T Debt Ceiling Exceeded
8:30 31.55 Trillion Today
9:00 IA US Budget 2023
9:34 What is Impact of 2022 on 2023 Budget?
10:20 What 1 Trillion looks like
11:10 So What if AI Impacts the Job Market?
11:35 Structural Change in Job Market
13:21 US Govt Revenue Tied to Payroll is and THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE!
13:35 Blue States Making Moves To Fill Coffers
15:20 Next 80 Years: Deficit/GDP vs Debt/GDP
16:16 Conclusion – Banksters + leveraged institutional investors + rent-seeking = serfdom – The Real View
17:30 Then this – Choke Point Fear
18:20 Enter Bitcoin
Bitocin may not be exciting right now but per my video yesterday w bloomberg – supply crunch is coming.

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