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free european roulette online game Another test launch of North Korea’s newest rocket launcher grand national runners odds 2019 william hill.best casino slots app ▲ “What is rise in cryptocurrencythe Pope? It’s wrong that he came to South Korea!” The Kim Jong-un group slandered the South Korean government and the pope for firing rocket launchers during the Pope’s visit to Korea on the 14th. [File photo] On the 14th, the Kim Jong-un regime of North Korea, which fired a new multiple rocket launcher 20 minutes before Pope Francis’ visit to South Korea, made sophistry saying, “We have no interest in the pope.” On the 15th, Kim In-yong, head of the rocket projectile research department at the 2nd Academy of Natural Sciences, who is in charge of defense technology development under the Kim Jong-un regime, wrote an article on the North Korean state-run media ‘Chosun Central News Agency’ to rationalize their armed provocations and the South Korean government criticized. “South Korean puppets are recklessly spitting out inappropriate remarks, saying that our latest tactical rocket launch is an obstacle to the peace and harmony of the country and a provocative armed demonstration that throws a shadow over what the Pope of Rome is doing in Seoul. This is, in a word, absurd sophistry.” In this article, Kim In-yong slandered Korea and the Pope, saying, “We don’t feel the need to know what the Pope of Rome is doing.” “We scientists do not know, and do not feel the need to know, from what position the Pope of Rome has been doing for the people of the world, moreover, for our people and people. p> I do not know for what purpose he is going to South Korea this time, and what kind of problems he is trying to conspire with his puppets, and he has no interest in it.” Kim In-yong also said, “Why did the Pope come on the day we test-fire the latest tactical rocket?” “The Pope of Rome has to choose among so many days in a year, 12 months and 12 months, like a cow’s hair, to show our affection.It is a matter of whether they were on their way to South Korea on the day of the test launch of the latest tactical rocket, which was carried out according to a commercial plan. Speaking of wrongdoing, you should ask the puppet gang that dragged into South Korea to bring the ambiguous (meaning no wrongdoing or anything to do with) Pope Rome to the stage of anti-Republican confrontation.” Kim In-yong continued, insisting on the sophistry that “the South Korean puppets have become so obsessed with criticizing our tactical rocket launch that they are even linking the Pope’s actions in South Korea.” Kim In-yong, in an article written for the Korean Central News Agency, stated that “newer, ultra-precise and state-of-the-art rocket launches will soon be carried out one after another,” and in accordance with Kim Jong-un’s “new combat order,” the armed forces He also foretold that the provocation would continue. Kim Jong-un led a test firing five 300mm multiple rocket launchers into the East Sea in Wonsan, Gangwon-do, in time for Pope Francis’ visit to Korea on the 14th. The multiple launcher launched on this day is found to have a range of 220 km, much longer than the existing 300 mm, continuing to reveal the situation that Kim Jong-un is testing the newly developed rocket by filling it with newly developed solid fuel. Military researchers believe that when the new multiplexer that Kim Jong-un is testing is combined with a satellite positioning device (GPS, Glonass) mounted on a smartphone or navigation device, it is expected to exert considerable power. Western countries are wary of exporting new rocket launchers and technology from the Kim Jong-un regime, which also has ties to Hamas and Hezbollah.indian casino near bellingham wa.

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