Satoshi Sells, BTC & Recession, Tesla MOAT, Pair Trading & More

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00:00 Introduction
01:03 Where to Ask Questions
01:16 What do you think would happen (to the price of BTC and BTC market in general) if Satoshi’s wallet/s suddenly started moving (increasing or decreasing)?
01:47 Satoshi Stash Moves
02:30 4 Scenarios of Satoshi Sells
04:00 If Tesla is a recession proof stock, will Bitcoin be a recession proof cryptocurrency?
04:43 Tesla Recession Proof
05:34 Bitcoin Recession Proof
07:15 Bitcoin/M2 Correlation
08:06 Has Elon destroyed Tesla’s moat by not patenting their work?
09:04 My View: Patent is a Blueprint
09:52 Speed of Evolution
10:19 Tesla MOATs
11:36 1% Inspiration vs 99% Perspiration
12:41 Pair trading: let’s say for BTC, TSLA and MSTR. For me to convert one asset to another, do I need to own the asset I am selling? If yes, how does it work with brokers – do I need to find a broker that offers both crypto and shares? I am in Australia.
13:36 Pair Trading Crypto & Equity
14:54 Pair Trading Crypto & Equity Brokerages
16:02 With all the subscription tools for TA, info, analysis, etc. available these days could you do a quick run down on the top tools that are worth the investment for the subscription?
16:33 Tools
17:25 Quick Overview Excluding Roadmap
18:22 DCAS Results
19:02 (DCAS)
19:25 ARB Cloud Results
19:42 (Arb Cloud)
20:29 What is the likelihood that Solana will ultimately be deemed a security once FED regulations come? Would that change your outlook for SOL’s future?
20:46 If A Token is Deemed A Security
22:31 The Two Choices and the Fog
24:11 If DCG collapses as everyone is predicting, what would be the worse case scenario on BTC price? How low can BTC go or has the market already priced it in?
24:29 DCG
24:52 Grayscale Legalese
26:33 Grayscale is the Cash Cow
27:14 GBTC Discount
32:00 ETHE Discount
28:08 Can you please look into the adoption curve for “Stable Diffusion”, a Stability AI Project, and compare that to the adoption of Bitcoin, and the fastest moving alts?
28:51 What is Stable Diffusion?
29:39 Artificial Neural Network
30:19 Technology has been around for a while
31:17 Stable Diffusion vs Bitcoin Adoption
32:22 Biggest Barrier Might be Regulation

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