Should You Invest in Bitcoin at $40,000?

Bitcoin and the crypto market overall have been exploding over the past month. As 2020 progressed, suddenly decentralized currencies like Bitcoin gained massive traction as institutional investors started recognizing crypto currencies as legitimate players in the investing space.

Yes, the rocket upward has been great for those who already hold BTC and other coins, but what does this mean for us? How do you and I decide whether or not we should get in on it or if we’ve missed the boat? In this video I attempt to break down my mindset around these questions in hopes that it gives you some clarity when you’re thinking about this for yourself.

00:00 – I Was Wrong…
02:14 – Should you put your money in?
04:40 – Don’t buy on speculation.
05:07 – How I’m thinking about this.
08:15 – Figure out where you have a strategic advantage.
11:00 – Speculate Wisely!

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