So I Invested in Bitcoin (what happened?)

So a year ago I decided to do an experiment, I invested $500 into bitcoin. And today let’s see exactly how that’s turning out for me.

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1. the Last bitcoin to be minded 2140 ( that’s 120 years from now, I should be around 143 by that point )
– The goal for this experiment is simple
– Its to see how bitcoin performs over the long term just for fun
– And compare to my normal boring investments into ETFs

Now before you say $500 isn’t enough ( I think it is )
– Now let’s be real let’s say I invested this $500 into the s&p 500 which represents the performance of the US stock market by around 80% or so ( 50 years ago )
– That would mean that $500 turned into $46k but if it was in apple it would
– And Berkshire Hathaway that would turn into $4M
– So if bitcoin has no cap, its meant that $500 investment in 50 years could turn into 10M or even more ( or just as easy $0)

2. Let’s see Exactly How money my Bitcoin Investment made me ( its actually an experimental gamble not an investment at all )
– Here is my Robinhood account, which btw hs been empties out, I transfer most of my investments to sofi.
– So at the time I bought in at around $10,095 per share, and I bought $500 dollar worth
– Today that money is worth around $901 ( so an 80% return on my gamble)

3. But let’s be Real
– Most people are not putting their retirement account in bitcoin
– The people investing in bitcoin are looking for a profit like all investors
– But hear is the difference

Investor strategy:
– Value Investors: invest in assets for a fair price or below market price and hold on for the long term usually. ( this allows the investment to appreciate and turns into even more money – of course you have to do your research )
– Buy in and Sell out Investors: these are investors that buy into an investment for the sole purpose to sell for a profit quickly. ( they rely on that someone else will pay more for their share) – it’s not based on the asset itself

– This is a fun experiment ( but 99.99% of all my money is still into value-producing assets)
– And I also invested in Delta ( it’s a 1 bagger meaning I doubled my money 104% return )
– By investing in a boring undervalued company, that produced value.

I say because there will opportunities to make a lot of money in safe investment also.




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