The Digital Transformation of Property (Bitcoin)

Learn to buy anonymous Bitcoin:

In this video, I discuss the transformation of investment property from an analog asset to a digital asset in the form of Bitcoin. What has happened to mail, music, video, and social networks is about to happen to investment property as well.

Because analog investment properties are not portable, they are subject to government attacks and exploitation in the form of high taxes, unreasonable restrictions, and ultimately even confiscation.

Bitcoin fixes this by being both scarce and portable, available to you anywhere in the world.

It might make sense to get some Bitcoin before all of the world’s billionaires figure out that Bitcoin is much better than analog real estate and move to purchase a lot of it.

If you have savings that you would like to pass on to your children, grandchildren, or even your future (retired) self–

If you have savings that you would like to be available to you anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice–

If you have savings that you would like to be protected from central bank money printing and debasement and government confiscation–

There’s really only one asset that has real

Ample market cap
Censorship resistance
Unchanging monetary policy
Security guarantees (both from cryptography and a wall of encrypted energy produced by Bitcoin miners).

And that’s Bitcoin.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

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“The separation of property & earth is as important as the separation of money & state”:

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