TOP 10 Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2021 (HIGH GROWTH)

In this video, we’re going over the top 10 crypto to invest in for 2021! I’ll go through the extended price history, a brief overview of each coin, and cost analysis. These are the best crypto to buy now!

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I’ve done the research, and unfortunately there are hundreds/thousands of bad coins out there. In my opinion, the crypto on this list are reputable, more popular, and better long time holds than many other coins out there. I’ll do a walkthrough of each cryptocurrency and go through the stats. Some of the coins on the list are popular ones liked Bitcoin and Ethereum, and others are much less common like Thorchain (RUNE).

Crypto is definitely a risky investment so please invest at your own risk – I am not a financial advisor so this video should be taken for entertainment purposes only. Do your own due diligence before investing in anything – and I recommend doing an additional hour of research per coin or stock that you are considering.


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Overall, the crypto space is extremely exciting and there are a lot of new uses for decentralized currencies. Happy trading and I wish you all the best of luck!


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