Trillions Coming to Bitcoin? Are we all underweight BTC?

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00:00 Introduction
00:39 The Story
00:51 What’s Beating Bitcoin?
01:14 Commodity Futures Trading Commission on BTC
01:52 Blackrock Partners w Coinbase
02:52 Blackrock AUM w Coinbase
03:13 Blackrock Tide Turning
03:38 $10 Trillion Earthquake
04:12 Dan Tapiero on Blackrock
04:56 Blackrock Allocation Style
05:21 Blackrock’s Aladdin Wealth
06:30 Aladdin Wealth Manages 4x all the Money on Earth
07:07 Blackrock Allocation Impact on BTC Price
09:03 Blackrock, Exxon and US Govt
09:26 Other Sharks Circling
09:42 Digital World and Internet of Value
10:40 Only 2.3M Bitcoin Left On Exchanges
10:50 If Blackrock Allocates 0.5% – Bitcoin is Gone!
11:54 Bitcoin Mass Adoption
12:10 Guess Who Front Run Blackrock?
12:32 Guess Who Owns a Chunk of Microstrategy?

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