Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market in 2022 › Geeky News

Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market in 2022 › Geeky News

The emergence of the cryptocurrency market dates back to 2008, when the first digital currency Bitcoin was created. During the advent – or, according to some, the apogee – of Web 3.0, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a parallel growth in our daily lives.
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Understanding the Cryptocurrency Market in 2022
Published on 10/17/2022 at 16:44.
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FROM Recent investments by large companies (Tesla, Paypal) add confidence in these currencies, many people still have a certain dislike for them or have no information about them. Here is a summary of what you need to know about the cryptocurrency market in 2022:
According to the Autorité des Marchés financiers (AMF), a cryptocurrency is: “virtual digital assets based on blockchain technology (chain of blocks) through a decentralized ledger and an encrypted computer protocol.” This virtual currency can be used for the peer-to-peer exchange of goods or services, regardless of the banking system or any monetary policy.
Thus, the issuance and transaction of this currency is based on blockchain technology, which ensures secure, confidential and independent processing. Indeed, the users themselves control the validity of anonymous transactions by performing what is known as mining, a process by which they can also make a profit in cryptocurrencies.
How to diversify your investments If the emergence of cryptocurrencies seems to bring a lot of profit and thus represents an interesting investment decision, it is necessary to accompany and request to get started, while remaining vigilant to avoid certain scams. Cryptocurrencies have many advantages by definition: time savings and security in transactions, anonymity, no exchange or banking fees.
By the way they are created, they do not depend on the market and therefore are not subject to inflation. They then become an interesting solution for diversifying your investment portfolio, especially in the event of a financial crisis. Associated with the principle of supply and demand, the meanings of the latter can, however, differ, so it is still important to find out before investing online.
Cryptocurrencies: become a professional The emulation associated with these currencies comes with a significant demand for recruitment in this area. With the number of users increasing day by day, the need for cryptocurrency developers or engineers – to develop, secure and implement blockchain projects – is growing strongly.
The growing interest in these currencies also indicates the need for hiring to support these investments. Training in marketing, communications, management or finance will allow, with good knowledge or training in cryptocurrencies, access to the positions of a consultant or trader. By visiting tokize.com, discover new cryptocurrency professions.
2022 trends The recent Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the process of transforming our society towards dematerialization. E-commerce in France, for example, grew by 15% in 2021, according to Fevad (Federation for E-Commerce and Distance Selling). These new ways of consuming are often accompanied by a desire to overcome certain limitations that can be found in cryptocurrencies (Ethereum has changed its mode of operation to greener production).
Then we observe, in parallel with the growth of virtual currencies in 2022 (today there are several thousand of them, with a total capital of almost 1000 billion dollars, of which two-thirds are Bitcoin and Ethereum), the institutionalization of the sector with the creation by banks or states of the so-called more stable digital currencies.
States continue to regulate cryptocurrencies, and large companies (Tesla, Paypal, Mastercard) have recently decided – in addition to investing in cryptocurrencies – to allow digital currency payments for hotel reservations, plane tickets, vacations, car purchases, or even for some food businesses.

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