Uniswap Scams Confused! – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

Uniswap Scams Confused! – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

Uniswapfounder Hayden Adamsreported that scammers created a fake Uniswap protocol and extended to China. Crypto scams are unstoppable. Many crypto investors are exposed to scammers who misuse the burgeoning crypto industry. Decentralized crypto exchange and DeFi project Uniswap has also entered the radar of scammers. Uniswapfounder Hayden Adams, scammers UniswapHe stated that he created a platform that imitates . Uniswap Founder Hayden Adams Addresses Scams Uniswap founder Hayden Adams mentioned the scammers who created a copy of his platform in a post on Twitter. Adams said that the scammers made a great effort and UniswapHe stated that they created a wide network by using . A group of scammers Uniswap They began to act as if they were their own, copying his protocol. The scammers have released a video showing that the management team has changed. In addition, scammers gave the message that they will start a new breath by producing content for the Chinese community. All this Uniswapscammers doing it under the name of the project, Adamsgot on his radar. Adamsexpressed his surprise that scammers made such an effort using Uniswap. AdamsHe said that Uniswap’s management team has not changed and has not produced any form of Chinese community content. Some next level effort went into this scam They built a fork of our website (domain takedown pending) that adds chinese community content and links to the real uniswap app And did an hour long zoom recording with real fake uniswap execs [https://t.co/JSgDrWjPgI] [pic.twitter.com/1LnOZOKWFp] — hayden.eth ???? (@haydenzadams) [June 3, 2023] In the operation carried out by the scammers, it was seen that many names were working hard to attract crypto investors. But Adams, the founder of Uniswap, said that these scammers campaigning as a team Announced that it copied Uniswap. Stating that the website is also deceptive, Adams underlined that the fraudsters are trying to attract attention with a lot of Chinese content. Also, scammers UniswapThey organized a 1-hour live broadcast under the name of the new team to gain confidence in their work on the copy. This is how businesses grow and how much fraud is being run Uniswap founder surprised Adams.

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