UVcoin.org – Investment Bitcoin Doubler (Working…)

UVcoin.org – Investment Bitcoin Doubler (Working…)

Originally posted on this date:February 19, 2017 @ 8:28 am
UVcoin.org – Investment Bitcoin Doubler (Working…)
– [UVcoin.org – Investment Bitcoin Doubler (Working…)]
UVcoin.org – Investment Bitcoin Doubler is a new Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme where members or Participants can INVEST or Provide Help (PH) from 15$(min) to 400$(max) in Bitcoin.
Your invested capital start growing when your donation has been transferred and confirmed by recipient it starts to grow by 20% daily for 5 days making a total of 100% on the 5th. i.e 100$ will grow to 200$ in 5days. Wow! Is this not Wow? You will be paired within 10 HOURS to 48 HOURS from the moment you submitted your investment (PH) request.
When PH (Investment) has been paired, You have 24 hours to complete the transaction.
When providing donation the Member will only need to input the Hashcode and upload receipt and you wait for recipient to confirm your transaction
GP (Get Paid) assignments will be paired within 0-2 Hours from the moment you submitted your request.
Incentives of Uvcoin Ponzi Scheme Bitcoin Doubler
Direct Bonus Income is 10%
For each new member (Direct) that you have invited to the platform you will get the referral bonus.
You earn 5% growth of your total invested capital when you fulfill your invest request within 10 Hours of paring and GH member will also earn 5% speed bonus of total withdrawal if payment is confirmed on time.
You can send your transaction Hashcode to support using the EXTRA MENU on MY OFFICE for fast confirmation.
More Facts about UVcoin, a Ponzi scheme Bitcoin Doubler
UVcoin isn’t a bank, UVcoin doesn’t collect your cash, UVcoin isn’t a web business, HYIP, investment or MLM program.
UVcoin is a community where folks facilitate one another. UVcoin provides you a technical platform that facilitates innumerable participants worldwide to and and connect with the people who would like to extend their helping hand just like yourself to other people in the community who are seeking timely help, and that too for FREE. All transferred funds to different participants are DONATIONS and not investments. You offer your moral gesture to help somebody in NEED and that is absolutely GRATIS.If you’re utterly sure about the basic concept and your actions and made up a decision with sound mind to participate, we kindly request you to dig more information, learn rules, read instructions and warnings, Just In case you have more questions about this subject please do not hesitate to contact support or chat will live agent and we will be happy to answer.UVcoin works as a community of people who have volunteered to participate in the act of providing each other monetary assistance on the basic principle of gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence. In UVcoin you don’t have to be compelled to create contracts or pledge your property.
There are not any lenders and no debtors. Everything is extremely simple: one participant asks for monetary assistance — another one provides it.The only thing that UVcoin demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other (if we are not, who else will?). You ask for monetary assistance when you are in need of it and you provide financial assistance when you are able to do it.
When it comes to transactions, UVcoin participants operate with BITCOINS. It is the simplest way to organize smooth transfers between participants without any geographical barriers. Just like BITCOIN causes revolution in financial relations due to its uniqueness, UVcoin causes revolution in social relations between people around the world from all the socio-economic backgrounds. The very combination of UVcoin and BITCOIN technology of free and fair financial system makes this possible for us to establish significant changes in modern world.

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