Weekly Live Q&A: Bitcoin, Swing Trading, XRP, ETH, SOL, MSTR and more

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses a considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.
00:00 Introduction
00:45 Will Luna ever recover?
01:00 Trust is Fundamental to Any Asset
01:15 Beware the Pumpers
01:40 LUNA Math at $100
02:00 LUNA 1 Day Later Still Hyperinflating
02:41 Is it possible that the market never sees the value in MSTR and the price won’t do as predicted?
03:00 Quant Systems
03:40 William Blair POV
04:17 As Bitcoin Rises – Gravity Will Win
04:32 Friday Discounts
05:30 Am I wrong for just stacking BTC, ETH, SOL and not looking at selling/trading?
05:40 Stacking The Hardest Asset is Fine
06:19 Swing is the Way for 2022
07:08 What is driving XRP to stay ahead of better coins?
07:20 Why is XRP able to survive?
07:57 XRP Inflation In Perspective
09:34 How many hours of intense research would you recommend before investing in a crypto or even a stock?
10:00 How Much Research Before Investing
12:00 Dump AAVE or hold?
12:20 AAVE
12:42 AAVE NFA
13:56 Any Achilles heels you see with BTC, ETH, SOL that could potentially cripple them like what happened to LUNA/UST?
14:10 Can BTC, ETH, SOL Death Spiral
16:19 Is it possible that the ETH merge is intentionally delayed so they can time the market rally?
16:40 Staked Ethereum Supply
19:34 What would happen to BTC price if everyone hodling BTC on exchanges pulled them off and into wallets?
19:50 If Everyone HODLs
21:30 I want a side gig in Crypto
22:10 Step 1: Pick a Niche
22:51 Step 2: Learn the Skills
23:39 Step 3: Contribute
24:00 Step 4: Land a Project
24:23 Step 5: Expand Your Network
24:46 Your Contributions, Our Donations – Nelson the Bear
25:15 Fibonacci – Is the price of bitcoin at risk of price suppression if a vast majority of bitcoin is kept on exchanges and not stored offline in cold storage?
27:00 Cryptolicious Celsius-should we be nervous? I have a loan and couldn’t get out if I wanted to….
28:50 Crypto Creed I am currently accumulating MSTR instead of BTC due to high discount. Am I missing anything in long term?
30:20 1Bridem – MSTR how bullish for a long term hold?
31:20 CourageTheCowardlyDog Considering you’re not a wholecoiner and can only save up to 200-300$ monthly for investing to crypto/stocks, would your investment strategy change?
33:10 Alex In DCA almost no one had any L1s in the top 20 except for ETH & SOL. Is this your thesis as well? Will it be just ETH & SOL as the two main chains?!
35:45 Master Block Warrior
What do you think would be the next big blockchain technology that would bring in the next billion in adoption and/or trillion in smart money?
37:25 Chrissy Moltisanti
can you do a video where stocks like GOOG, TSLA, Amazon can mathematically go after their stock splits?
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