What is Bitcoin & Dogecoin? – How to Invest in Cryptocurrency for Beginners

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One Tweet of Elon Musk or one Post on Reddit on Bitcoin, Dogecoin or any other Cryptocurrency, for that matter, makes that currency rally. One Tweet of Elon Musk on Tesla’s possibility of accepting payments in Dogecoin cash made the currency widely popular across the world. With a lot of people looking at Crypto as an investment opportunity and trying to analyze which cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 we need to understand some basics about cryptocurrency and BTC. Starting from what is cryptocurrency to what Is blockchain and what is mining etc.

0:00 Coming up
0:26 What is Cryptocurrency? Explained with the easiest example
3:32 What is the need for Cryptocurrency?
5:22 Types of Cryptocurrencies
5:40 Cryptocurrency legal in India or not?
6:17 How to buy Cryptocurrency in India?
7:27 Trading or Investing?

In this video we have,
1. What is Bitcoin and How does it work?
2. What is Bitcoin in hindi?
3. Bitcoin Explained.
4. Cryptocurrency Explained.
5. What is Bitcoin Cash?
6. How to explain Bitcoin for Beginners?
7. How to do Bitcoin Trading for Beginners?
8. What is Bitcoin Mining?
9. How to do Bitcoin Investment?
10. Why is Dogecoin trending?
11. What is Dogecoin Explained.

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