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Every day a new technology emerges but only once in a while comes a technology that changes the society one such technology is cryptocurrency.

The first and most famous cryptocurrency is the Bitcoin.
The idea which was generated even before the standardization of computers and internet have been brought to life by an anonymous person with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto.

With a whitepaper released in year 2008 the idea of cryptocurrency has been brought to life and started to implement in January 2009 as an opensource system.

At that time the cryptocurrency bitcoin was nothing more than a program but now after 8 years it has reached to new heights breaking the barrier between countries and its currencies.

In this video we have explained what bitcoin is and how the cryptocurrency eliminated the world barriers.
And also how bitcoin works and on what technology.

This video is also dedicated to cryptocurreny and the bitcoin.
Thanks in advance for watching this video.

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