What is the Best Cryptocurrency Investment That Can 100 RIGHT NOW?!

What is the Best Cryptocurrency Investment That Can 100 RIGHT NOW?!

What is the best cryptocurrency investment in terms of ROI potential? While I am a BIG bitcoin bull, today we look beyond and find some top altcoins with explosive potential in 2020!
I am not a financial advisor. Do Your Own Research! But, this is a great channel to learn about cryptocurrency?
Also, if you were ever wondering what is Enjin crypotcurrency or what is Cosmos cryptocurrency explained, THIS is the video for you.
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Also, let me know what top coin investments we should discuss next?!
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[What Is Enjin Coin (ENJ)? | A Complete Guide to the Gaming Crypto]
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00:00 Intro
00:37 What is Coin One?
02:12 How IBC Protocol Changes Everything
03:11 Retain Sovereignty
03:38 How Decentralized?
03:57 Coin One 100x Potential?
05:09 What is Coin Two?
07:28 Microsoft Partnership
08:22 Samsung Integration
08:44 Coin Two 100x Potential?
09:25 Final Thoughts
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