Why I bought 1000 dollars worth of Bitcoin Today | Investing in Cryto

In this video, I’m going to be investing bitcoin and also some money in my Acorn portfolio, and I’m going to hold it for a week. Stick around to end of the video to see buy the shares live on Robinhood. 🎁FREE STOCK🎁: https://invite.robinhood.com/tommyt172

Today I’m investing 1500 bucks, and I’ll be investing in Bitcoin. And in my life, I’ve made 3 mistakes that taught me valuable lessons. When I got my first credit card and put 3k on it, when I went to sell a PS4 and got paid with fake money and when I bought GoPro stock because it was pretty and didn’t follow my formula. And today I’m going to make another mistake lol
What this is: Very Obvious, Its youtube video experiment. This is not me telling you to invest in Cryptocurrency. I highly don’t recommend you do what I’m about to do in this video.

Why I bought 1000 worth of Bitcoin Today | Investing in Crypto

Why I’m doing this:
– Comments, Friends, Family: Saying Tommy, how do I make a ton of money.
My Response:
– Invest in real estate, create a business about something you like, or invest over the next 20 years in ETFs and Boom.
( Instantly I get that’s going to take to long, what about Crypto, Forex or Shopify. Teach me that.)

My Goal for the video:

I decided to run an experiment to show how volatile markets can be. So I’m going to go ahead and invest 1000 bucks into acorn ( that in 20 years should be around 3,869.68 almost 4x and that’s without including dividends)

And 500 dollars in bitcoin, that could be worth 20k tmr or morning or $2 in the next few minutes.

But before I click buy…
I’ve done both in the Past
Speculation: When I invested in GoPro and lost money
Investing: when I followed my formula and invested in Walmart, Etsy and a few other companies
What I think is Going to Happen:
Acorn: I think my investing should be fine within the week, and shouldn’t fluctuate BY more than 2% down or up. Depending on the political announcements.
Bitcoin: Idk its speculation, you can”t be sure because of the values-based by what people think and not by worth. I hope I have my $500 bucks by the end of the week, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I have to write off a $500 dollar lost.




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